Nature teaches us

For over 65 years, Unión Dental has been totally committed to its search for perfection. A vocational quest built upon observation, rigour and technology. We manufacture high quality products which are characterized by the stability of their colours, their resistance and hardness.

Artificial Teeth

The high quality, precision and differentiation of our product lines enable our clients to overcome all kinds of obstacles. These products are aesthetically attractive, easy to work with and require only minimum processing for any solution. We offer teeth with a unique stratification system and characterization, together with a range of colours that give them a natural appearance.

Cad-Cam Solutions

We present the Idodentine range. Discs and blocks for dental laboratories and clinics, compatible with any system of working. They offer you greater freedom in your laboratory and allow you to obtain the results you require in record time. The solutions provided by Idodentine range from individual teeth to complete sets of dentures, single and multi-layer discs with a wide range of colours.


Unidesa-odi resins are the perfect solution for any laboratory workbench. Our objective is to enable you to make high quality dentures easily and economically. For your peace of mind, we are always innovating new procedures and are constantly improving our materials. You can rely on the high resistance and stability of our resins. Aesthetics and biocompatibility are our hallmark.

We are present in the most demanding markets

When we present our teeth, people are amazed at how much they resemble natural teeth. These and other details make them highly sought-after products which are requested by customers in the most demanding, most diverse markets in the world.

Over 65 years manufacturing dental products

At Unión Dental we supply professionals across five continents, producing millions of teeth of the highest quality every year.

We are one of the top manufacturers of acrylic teeth in the world.

With a production capacity of over 30 million teeth a year.

We have full confidence in the reliability and quality of our products.

A great organization, which you can trust and rely on, serving dental health professionals around the globe.

We exist to respond to and satisfy our customers.