Acrylic resin for dental work, indicated for making crowns and bridges.


Fast curing (20 min.) in the polymerizer at 50ºC and 2 bar. of pressure.

Cold polymerization with liquid Idodent dentistry.

In a dental flask with liquid Idodent termo.

Permanent unalterable colouring thanks to its special, tertiary-amine-free composition.

Easy to work with.

Very fluid.

High precision.

Excellent shine.

Natural fluorescent effect.

Contents of the kit:

5 x dentins of 40g.

2 x incisals of 40g.

1 x cervical of 40g.

5 x intense colours of 10g.

2 x monomers of 50 ml.

1 x shade guide.

1 x spatula.

2 x mixing glasses.

Available colours:

All the Odilux range (1A-6D).

All the Odipal and Odident range (A1-D4).