The two-layer tooth that looks like a three-layer.

Manufactured with high molecular weight and highly cross-linked biocompatible polymers (Rr-HCL) that ensure refraction, wear resistance and natural aesthetics.

Aimed at markets and customers who are looking for trimmed-back prices with the same high quality. Our long experience in the market has enabled us to develop a two-layer tooth that looks like a three-layer. This product offers over 42 different moulds to meet the needs of any dental laboratory, with different degrees of articulation, from degree zero, which facilitates articulation, to degree 33 for more demanding pieces of work.

Forms adapted to different facial features.

High hardness and abrasion resistance.

High resistance to plaque adhesion.

A product with two shade guides.

Unalterable, fluorescent colouring.

What more can you ask for?

Ortolux top – A product range available on five continents.

The enormous versatility of moulds, quality and a highly competitive price means that this tooth is on sale in both the USA and Thailand. Ortolux complies with the clinical evaluation of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, and with the ISO 22112:2017 quality standard..

We also comply with the ISO 13485:2016 quality standard.


This product bears the NIOM quality seal, which certifies that it complies with all biocompatibility and quality standards. The adaptation of our manufacturing processes to new technologies has enabled us to offer the dental market a product with excellent characteristics at a very competitive price.


There is a wide selection of models and the option to choose between two ranges of colours

So many (and so different) markets can’t be wrong. Ortolux Top is like a Swiss Army knife!

Available in 12 A-D and New Hue® colours