Single-Colour Discs

Affordable high-quality discs, ideal for your temporary prostheses.

The single-colour discs are a perfect solution for making temporary dental prostheses using CAD/CAM milling machines.

Manufactured using our Rr-HCL- PMMA acrylic resin (highly cross-linked and reinforced poly methyl methacrylate with a high molecular weight), which is very similar to the one we use to make our artificial teeth. This material has the perfect hardness and resistance to abrasion. Built with mineral pigments that guarantee its colour stability, so allowing you to create provisional prostheses of the highest quality and endurance.

Variety of colours and compatible with all systems.


100% Biocompatible.

Compatible with all CAD/CAM systems (Standard, Cerec®, Ceramill®, Zirkonzahn® and Roland®).

PMMA discs protect the opposite tooth.

100% mineral pigments for permanent unalterable colouring.

No colour changes during machining.

ISO 20795 and ISO 10477 quality standards.

Guaranteed free of toxicity. Clinically and biologically tested.

Easy to mill and polish. Highly stable during machining.

Hypoallergenic (very low percentage of residual monomer).

Approved by the FDA and with CE marking.

Similar fluorescence to a natural tooth.

Available colours:

16 A-D + BG3.