Manufacturing dental products since 1952

Our history

exportaciones unidesa

1952 LEON

A man from Galicia called José Domínguez, with a clear vision for the future and for business decided to set up a denture factory in the city of León. And so ORTODEN DENTAL INDUSTRIA, “ODI” came into being.

exportaciones unidesa


We attended the international trade fair in Germany for the first time. It is now the IDS, the best-known trade event in the dental world, which even then brought together manufacturers from Europe and America. This trade fair was followed by others: Chicago, Milan, Paris and we began to export to California, New York, Hamburg, Helsinki, Melbourne...



Due to the need to improve the logistics for our exports, we built a factory in Tielmes, about 40 km from Madrid. At the same time, we set up UNIÓN DENTAL S.A., “UNIDESA”



Faced with the challenge presented by Spain's entry into the European Common Market, we embarked on the total modernization of our production system. This technological adventure resulted in a flexible automated assembly line, which guaranteed the quality of our products and ushered in a new form of industrial management in accordance with the most advanced integration technologies.



UNIDESA continues to participate in the most important trade fairs worldwide. Flying the flag for the “Marca España” (Spain brand) and exporting to over 48 countries.

Union Dental


Following market trends involving a shift from analogue to digital, at Unidesa-Odi we began making PMMA discs for CAD-CAM milling machines and started to create digital libraries for our teeth.



Unión Dental continues its expansion at world level and currently exports to over 60 countries.

Our Team

A team of over 55 specialized professionals. We make artificial teeth of the highest quality.

A strong workforce is essential for carrying out all the different stages of production, guaranteeing quality and improving our processes and products every day.

Our exceptionally well-prepared team reflect those 65 years of experience and are responsible for the maintenance and improvement of our automated selective injection system (SICM).


The moulding and polymerization line created and patented by Unidesa-Odi ensures the production of a large number of homogeneous pieces of the highest quality.

Artificial teeth that are similar to real ones

Our experts can guarantee that all our products are homogeneous and comply with strict quality controls.


The teeth we produce share certain uniform characteristics with regard to hardness, resistance to cracking and have the same colour as the other teeth in their range.


Nature is inimitable but our job is to try.